I started my career editing Commercials, Music Promos and Trailers in London before moving on to edit Feature films, Documentaries and TV series for Channel 5, Discovery Channel and the National Geographic Channel amongst many others.

I have an O-1 Visa, I speak fluent Portuguese and work worldwide.

Here are some quotes about my work from Directors I’ve worked with:

“Giles is a talented and committed editor who combines creativity and skill with focus and hard work. He is a pleasure to work with and a real asset to any production.”
Ruari Fallon, Series Producer and Director on “Hidden Britain with Michael Portillo” for Channel 5.

“Giles has a similar style to Gerry Hambling”,
Oscar nominated director Alan Parker, comparing Giles to his Oscar nominated editor Gerry Hambling.

“It’s a really tight brilliant edit”.
Andy Morahan, speaking about Giles’ editing on the feature film Goal 3.

“Out of all the editors I’ve used, Giles does the best editing”.
Gaby Dellal, Feature film director.

“That’s a fantastic edit”.
Oscar nominated director Fernando Mireilles (City of God) talking about an Asics commercial Giles edited.

“He’s one of the best editors I’ve ever worked with”.
John Moule, music promo producer talking to Steve Gandolfi (owner of Cut and Run).

“That’s the best first edit I’ve ever seen”.
Sean Thonson, MJZ Los Angeles, talking to the Ad agency about Giles’ edit for a Fiat campaign.

“Giles is excellent. And he’s very fast too”.
Johnny Maginn, commercials director.

“He did a brilliant job on the Sky campaign”.
Head of TV, Emma Rookledge on the Sky campaign edits (the most expensive English TV campaign ever. £100 million spend).

“The client thought the whole 30 second commercial was 1 shot”.
Commercials Director Renato Rossi talking about a commercial, which had 42 cuts in 30 seconds.
The cuts were so seamless the client didn’t notice them. (my favourite quote).